2007 Nidra Poller reports from the appeal hearing

Dam Bursts at Al Dura Trial Nidra Poller


Paris: Many have accused the photo of young Mohammed Al Dura’s father shielding him from Israeli bullets of being a fake, but the original videotape from which this photo was drawn was hidden from view by France 2. Yesterday a French judge finally ordered the channel to produce it. PJM’s Nidra Poller was one of the few journalists witnessing this stunning turning point.

Maître Bénédicte Amblard, representing Charles Enderlin and France 2 in their ...

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2007 Melanie Phillips Reports from the Appeal Hearing

The Al Durah blood libel

Melanie Phillips


This article first appeared on November 14, 2007 in The Spectator.


I am in Paris where I have attended the Court of Appeal special session called to witness the 27 minutes of hitherto unseen footage of the ‘killing’ of Mohammed al Durah which the court had required France 2 to produce. For readers who are unfamiliar with this scandal, I wrote about it here, here and here.


Suffice it ...

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