Segment 1 of 7: The Al Durahs Under Fire

This is the opening sequence. At Time Code Reading (TCR) 1:17:06:12 we see Jamal Al Durah and the boy later identified by the cameraman Talal Abu Rahma as Jamal’s son, Muhammed, behind the barrel looking toward the Israeli position, apparently in fear. At the very beginning of the segment a shot rings out; Jamal and the boy seem to scrunch up as much as possible behind the barrel. According to ballistics experts, such as Jean-Claude Schlinger, the bullet hitting the ...

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Segment 2 of 7: The Israeli Position

The camera’s gaze settles on the Israeli position for less than 3 seconds, zooming out rather than in, and then pans right to rest on a group of what appear to be Palestinian demonstrators, zooming in on them.

There is no visual evidence of any fire emanating from the Israeli position. We hear shooting in the background but there is no indication of its source or direction. We see no muzzle flash or smoke from the Israeli position.

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Segment 3 of 7: The Al Durahs Terrified

This segment opens at Time Code Reading (TCR) 1:17:24 with a wide shot revealing an empty camera tripod to the left of the Al Durahs. They are apparently sheltering behind a barrel upon which is resting a large stone, near a wall.

The shot almost immediately narrows to tightly focus on the father, Jamal, who is looking at the camera and speaking while he appears to be shielding his son with his right arm. At first Jamal’s arm and T-shirt ...

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Segment 4 of 7: Boy is Down in His Father’s Lap, Fetal Position

This scene opens at Time Code Reading (TCR) 1:17:40:07 with the sound of automatic weapon fire accompanied by a large cloud of dust. The camera is out of focus and shaky, but slowly comes to rest briefly on the boy lying down, with his head on Jamal Al Durah’s legs. France2’s presentation of this scene in its September 30, 2000 broadcast was accompanied by Charles Enderlin’s commentary: “But, a new round of fire, and the boy is dead…” 

In this footage ...

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Segment 5 of 7: Muhammad Down (Stretched Out) and his Father Swaying

This is the final segment used by Enderlin in his original broadcast. He continues his narration from the previous segment “[Muhammad is dead…] and his father badly injured.”

Indeed we see Jamal swaying back and forth as if in shock, although in this sequence he is facing the camera directly and, again, shows no sign of blood on his clothing or on the wall behind him.

The boy is now lying outstretched, with his right hand covering his eyes. Such a position ...

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Segment 6 of 7: The “Death Throes” Enderlin Cut

Here is the final segment that Talal abu Rahma filmed of the Al Durahs under fire behind the barrel. We see that Jamal has changed position since the last segment, this time turning to the left (away from his son now lying at his feet). The sequence is shot out of focus. Again, at Time Code Reading (TCR) 1:18:07:03 as abu Rahma’s camera pulls back or zooms out we can see the empty tripod to the left of the Al ...

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Segment 7 of 7: The Al Durahs No Longer Behind the Barrel

Very few people have seen or analyzed this sequence. It begins with a short shot of the barrel which now has no one near it. Although the scene is again out of focus and brief, there is no sign of the kind of pool of blood one would expect had the boy bled on his stomach for twenty minutes (abu Rahma), and had the ambulance attendant scooped his intestines off the ground to pick him up into the ...

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