How Dare You Deprive us of our Icon of Hatred? A Saudi Writer on Al Durah

The Kuperwasser Committee Report on Al Durah has elicited fascinating and revealing responses. This one from Saudi Arabia permits us to appreciate just how important a role that icon of hatred plays in the consciousness of the Palestinian/Arab/Muslim world.

Muhammad Al-Dura lives

For the general public, the picture of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza usually conjures up confrontations between Palestinian boys throwing stones at armed Israeli soldiers. But in the one image which more than any other epitomizes the character ...

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Yarden Vatikay’s account of receiving the phone call from Charles Enderlin to the IDF Spokesman’s Unit 9/30/00

The Mohammed A-Dura Affair- The IDF-France 2 dialoge

During the period of the Mohammed A-Dura Affair I served as head of the international correspondent department in the Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit.

On that day, Sep’ 30th 2000, Charles Enderlin, the bureau chief of the French television channel FRANCE 2, contacted me urgently. Charles informed me about the unique footage captured by one of his cameramen, Talal Abu Rahma, which showed a Palestinian child killed by IDF fire at the Netzarim juction ...

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Enderlin cuts the tapes that France2 presents to the court

Originally a post at The Augean Stables, November 14, 2007
by Richard Landes

[NB: For those who are too young to remember, Rosemary Woods was President Richard Nixon’s secretary, who was asked to take the blame for the missing 18.5 minutes of tape that had been cut from the famous “Nixon Tapes” before releasing them to the Grand Jury investigating Watergate. She has, for those politically aware in the 1970s, become a byword for tampering with evidence.]

I must admit, ...

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News Coverage of the Mohammed Al-Durah Affair

Below you will find listed selected news coverage of the Al-Durah affair:

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Par solidarité avec Charles Enderlin le Syndicat national des journalistes s’égare

Published with permission of the author, Victor Perez:

Philippe Karsenty a été rejugé le 16 janvier dernier suite à la décision de la Cour de Cassation de février 2012 de défaire le verdict de la Cour d’Appel prononcé en sa faveur le 21 mai 2008. En vu de ce nouveau procès, le Syndicat national des journalistes (SNJ) a décidé d’appeler à manifester par Solidarité avec Charles Enderlin (1). Outre que voir des journalistes manifester pour tenter d’influencer le cours ...

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Karsenty vs. Enderlin: Baker vs. rekaB Street in action

Yesterday was the sixth hearing in the saga of France 2 and Charles Enderlin suing Philippe Karsenty for defamation in the French courts. In some senses it was something of an anti-climax. In others it was an amazing example of the clash between Baker and rekaB Streets. Indeed, the Société des journalistes (SNJ) and SNJ de France Télévisions both called on members to show their support for Enderlin, who was valiantly defending himself against Karsenty’s legal aggression, when in fact ...

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