Karsenty’s Initial Statement with English Translation

Dear Friends,
After two successive delays, the Court of Appeals in Paris has finally condemned me for defamation of France 2 and Charles Enderlin. I also have to pay them 7000 Euros.
Not having been able to read the decision of the court, I cannot yet give my interpretation. Tonight at 18:30 I’ll be interviewed on Radio Shalom by Bernard Abouaf (94.8 FM Paris, and on the internet here.
We have lost a battle but we have not lost the war for the ...
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Al Durah Verdict against Karsenty

Leading critic of French al-Dura coverage convicted

Philippe Karsenty found guilty of defamation for accusing France 2 of staging Palestinian boy’s death
By TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF June 26, 2013, 4:40 pm 12

Philippe Karsenty, Jewish-French politician and focus of legal battle over the al-Dura video.

A French media analyst was convicted Wednesday of defamation for accusing a state television network of staging a video that depicted a young boy being killed in a firefight between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli soldiers.

The footage more ...

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Nidra Poller Interview with Jerry Gordon on Al Durah

The Al-Dura Affair Blood Libel: an interview with Nidra Poller
from Jerry Gordon

The Al-Dura Affair Blood Libel: an interview with Nidra Poller from Jerry Gordon on Vimeo.

In this video Nidra Poller is interviewed by Jerry Gordon, a Senior Editor at the New English Review. She is a historian by training, writer by profession and journalist by necessity with a unique view of major developments in Europe, Israel and America. Her latest novel ...

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“What’s Your Problem with that?”: Enderlin and the Intellectual Corruption of the MSM

(This article has been published at Pajamas Media, June 23, 2009)

The startling footage of Neda, the 27-year old woman shot to death in the streets of Tehran recently has reminded some of the image of 12-year old Muhammad al Durah (HT Tom Gross):

The footage of a Palestinian man [sic] being shot dead [sic] next to his 12-year-old son, Muhammad Jamal al-Durrah, by Israeli forces in Gaza in 2000 has been etched in the minds of many Iranians, ...

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Freddy Eytan, The Al-Dura Affair and Its Implications for Morality and Ethics in France

The Al-Dura Affair and Its Implications for Morality and Ethics in France
Amb. Freddy Eytan, May 30, 2013
Filed Under: Europe and Israel, Palestinians, The Middle East
Jerusalem Issue Briefs, Vol. 13, No. 15 31 May 2013

The report of Israel’s governmental inquiry committee on the al-Dura affair, written after a thorough examination of all the materials related to this unfortunate affair, should serve as a lesson for all foreign reporters working in Israel and be taught in journalism schools throughout ...

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Memes of Lethal Journalism: We Didn’t Get it Wrong, You’re a Conspiracist! (Larry Derfner version)


Really didn’t want to do this. Have responded thrice in the Spring of 2008 to Dernfer’s rattling his cage about Al Durah – here, here, and here – and I probably should leave him to rattle in peace. But there’s something about his tone which I think is particularly revealing, and that readers should be aware of when they hear it. ...

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Memes of Lethal Journalism: You’re Smearing Us (Reporters without Borders version)

Reporters without borders

Among the defenses of Enderlin’s Al Durah story comes from an organization that considers itself “Reporters without Borders,” a variant of “Doctors without Borders,” and a “Human Rights” NGO that shares much of the agenda of the other global, progressive organizations of this kind. (When Reporters without Borders first launched it’s annual report on press freedom, it gave Israel a lower rating than the West Bank, a rating that would ...

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Memes of Lethal Journalism: Would They Lie to Us?!? (Rachel Shabi version)

When the Guardian came out with their first article on the Israeli report on Al Durah, I thought that even though it was done by Harriet Sherwood, it was fairly neutral. I should have known that CiF would deliver the goods. Below the reaction of Rachel Shabi, with fisking.

Rachel Shabi

Muhammad al-Dura and Israel’s obsession with the propaganda war

A report suggesting the death of the boy ...

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23-May-13: If we knew then what we discovered today about how France2’s correspondent decided the IDF killed a child in Gaza 13 years ago

failureArnold Roth

Originally published at http://thisongoingwar.blogspot.co.il/2013/05/23-may-13-if-we-knew-then-what-we.html

In “22-May-13: The post-Al Durah period: the challenges are starting to become sharper“, we quoted Israeli journalist Ben Caspit’s valuable analysis of the Al Durah Affair and of the role and responsibilities of the news-reporting media.

Here’s a key quote:

The truth is a vital commodity, especially where we are. If we didn’t kill Muhammad al-Durrah, then I want to know that. If he wasn’t injured in the ...

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