Martine makes her inquiry into the Al Durah Affair

Jewpop, a French blog, has come up with a hilarious retitling of a series of scenes from the famous and beloved children’s series, Martine.

Martine fait son enquête

Par Jewpop – Lundi 27 mai 2013

Martine saw Muhammad al Durah alive!

Martine looks askance and Charles Enderlin

Martine and Philippe Karsenty look for proofs

Martine read the Kuperwasser Report

Martine and Arlette (Chabot of France2) view the rushes

Martine: Mohamed is alive and well (in the sixth take)

Martine studies the ballistics report of the Al Durah affair

Which is more than you can say for most supporters of Enderlin.

Martine signs the petition to have Charles Enderlin’s Press Pass Revoked

Martine and Philippe Karsenty go to dig up Little Mohamed’s body.

Martine thinks the Al Durah Affair Stinks

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