Claim No. 5: The boy lay bleeding from his stomach wound for 17 minutes critique

Bleeding in a prone position for 17 minutes from a wound that “exploded” a victim’s stomach would normally leave copious amounts of blood on the ground beneath the wound. Indeed, Talal Abu Rahma claimed that there was visible bleeding.

However, there is no indication of blood on the ground were Muhammad lay immediately in video of the scene immediately following the alleged shooting nor any whatsoever in film shot of the area after the alleged shooting and broadcast by France2 the following day nor in footage taken the next morning at the scene which appears in an Italian investigation of the scene.

A red substance of unknown nature and indefinite origin appears on the ground near where Muhammad lay, only on morning of the following day, before a mid-day at a Palestinian press conference was convened at the scene.

If any further indication were necessary that the red staining appearing on the ground the day after the alleged shooting was not a result of Muhammad Al Durah’s claimed stomach wound, it is this: The staining appearing on the ground at that time of the Palestinian authorities’ press conference is not located where Muhammad’s was laying after the alleged shooting – but behind where he was laying –  and is inconsistent with the volume of fluid that would have drained from the alleged injury over 17 minutes.