Claim No. 6: When the ambulance driver evacuated Muhammad Al Durah, the boy’s intestines were outside of his body. critique

There are numerous other problems presented by Kadra’s testimony especially when cross referenced with the testimony of other “eye-witnesses”.  First, Kadra’s testimony does not square with the testimony of Talal Abu Rahma, who told Esther Schapira a year after the incident of his conversation with ambulance driver who was evacuating Muhammad Al Durah. In particular, Talal Abu Rahma claimed the ambulance driver evacuating the Al Durahs, took time out to double back and speak with Abu Rahma and his soundman but declined to transport them from the scene because he was already transporting two seriously wounded victims.

But wait. Recall that Kadra claimed the boy he was evacuating was dead – not injured. Also, Abu Rahma said the ambulance evacuated the boy and the father (Jamal Al Durah) – two “serious cases”. However, Kadra makes no mention whatsoever of the father. This is odd because, according to Abu Rahma, the father was supposed to have been riddled with bullets and in dire need of medical assistance.

Then, again, the account of the boy and the father traveling in the same ambulance does not check out, either. Recall that the admitting doctor (Dr. Muhammad Tawil) at Shifa Hospital stated that a small body – which he learned later was Muhammad Al Durah  – and the body of an ambulance driver arrived at the Shifa Hospital together. There is no report of Jamal and Muhammad Al Durah arriving together.

Adding even more confusion to the story is a video of a boy supplied to Esther Schapira by a Palestinian. That a boy, wearing a distinctive blue, black and white pullover identical to the one Muhammed Al Durah is working in Talal Abu Rahma’s famous footage appears to be receiving CPR at Shifa hospital and suffering from a serious abdominal wound. Why would anyone seriously be trying to resuscitate a boy who was dead well prior to arrival with his intestines spilled out on the sidewalk?

Still more problems are presented by Kadra’s interview: Usually, it takes two people to evacuate a body on a stretcher. Kadra says that he made the decision to evacuate Muhammad Al Durah and implies that he alone loaded the by onto the stretcher. Is Kadra telling the truth? One would think that Abu Rahma would have recorded such a dramatic scene.

However, Talal Abu Rahma told Esther Schapira that he filmed no part of the evacuation scene – even though he spoke with the ambulance driver. We have various reasons for that failure. But it is doubtful that we have been told the real one.

Here is one reason given by Abu Rahma:

Here is another answer – also given by Talal Abu Rahma:

Perhaps there is a much more simple explanation, suggested by the end of the tape which France2 was made to reveal when subpoenaed by the French Appeals court in 2007-

It seems that somebody is lying – Either Kadra, or Abu Rahma; maybe both. Charles Enderlin knew or should have known something wasn’t right when he first aired this story. Yet he continues to push its narrative.


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