Claim No. 7: Multiple bullets struck Jamal’s legs, body, and arm critique

Jamal Al Durah’s testimony about how many bullets he absorbed during the alleged shooting appears to be inconsistent. We have Jamal’s direct statement to Esther Schapira that he was hit by 12 bullets.

Per testimony by Moshe Tamman (Jamal Al Durah’s Israeli employer), Jamal told him shortly after the alleged shooting that he was hit by nine bullets – not 12.  We are focused here on the inconsistency between Jamal Al Durah’s differing accounts of his injuries more than on the truth of any particular account.

One might think that it makes no substantive difference whether Jamal Al Durah was hit by 9 bullets or 12. Indeed, from the standpoint of how much blood should have been visible on Jamal’s clothes and person after having sustained such wounds, it might not matter much – since no blood at all is visible in any of the contemporaneous video footage filmed by Talal Abu Rahma.

What is important, though, is the apparent change in Jamal’s telling of the story. It appears that neither Jamal Al Durah nor Talal Abu Rahma can resist the urge to keep embroidering the tale,  from increasing the number of wounds sustained to claiming the wounds were caused by “explosion bullets”. The latter claim is discussed separately, here.

It is also extremely odd that there is a good deal of blood visible on Jamal Al Durah’s bandages post-surgery at the Jordanian army hospital – but absolutely none is visible on Jamal at the time of the shooting, before he received any medical care. Indeed, a careful read of the Jordanian doctors’ medical report actually calls into question the nature of Jamal Al Durah’s injuries allegedly suffered at the hands of the IDF.