What you can examine below are the final 78 seconds of the tape that France2 made available to the court in Paris in 2008, which they claim is the complete raw footage that Talal abu Rachma shot on September 30, 2000 at Netzarim Junction. This “last minute” contains all the “shooting sequence” in which the al Durah’s are under fire, during which, according to Abu Rachmah and Enderlin, the boy was killed and the father badly wounded.”

Much controversy surrounds this footage. Until it was shown in court, it had only been shown privately to selected individuals, and during that time, France2, Enderlin and Abu Rachmah had all implied that there was significantly more footage of the actual shooting scene, including sequences of the “death throes” of the child which Enderlin claimed he cut out of his broadcast in order to spare his audience some “unbearable footage.” Abu Rachmah claimed that he filmed the scene which went on for over 45 minutes, and involved at least 20 of the by bleeding to death in front of him, and denied an ambulance evacuation by Israelis firing remorselessly on the boy and father, even killing one of the ambulance drivers who came to save him.

It turns out, that Abu Rachmah only recorded a little over a minute of this 45 minute ordeal, and that that “minute” is not one continuous “take,” but broken up into seven segments, each of approximately ten seconds long. In each of the five segments in which the Al Durahs appear, they are in different positions, suggesting that between each break in the footage, time elapsed.

Furthermore, Enderlin cut the last two scenes (20 seconds), both of which, when examined, significantly undermine the narrative he presented to the world.

Below you can view:

1) the full “last minute” (78 seconds).

32) a breakdown of this footage into its seven component segments.

Anyone who wishes to make his own judgment on the validity of Charles Enderlin’s broadcast must see and examine this footage. This is precisely the evidence that many people who support Enderlin have conspicuously failed to examine.


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The Full “Last Minute”

Although the Al Durah’s are visible in an earlier sequence of Abu Rachma’s footage (the jeep scene), this begins with the sequence where they are under fire. One hears the shouting of men, and shortly thereafter, the first bullet to hit the wall over their heads strikes. The entire sequence is 78 seconds long; Enderlin used 30 seconds of this material in his original broadcast.