The testimonial evidence presented by those who allege that the Al Durahs were struck by targeted fire coming from the Israeli position is rife with contradictions.

Some of the problems are internal – the individuals testifying contradict themselves in significant ways on numerous occasions. Other problems with the testimony are external – the narratives contained in individual testimony are flatly contradicted by material or visual evidence and there are significant inconsistencies and contradictions between the statements of one individual and another.

In this section, we present for your consideration segments of interviews with Talal Abu Rahma,- France2’s photojournalist and Charles Enderlin – France2’s Jerusalem correspondent, Jamal Al-Durah, and others like the admitting doctor at Shifa Hospital, the pathologist who is alleged to have autopsied Mohammed Al Durah’s body and the Palestinian general in charge of investigating the Al Durah incident.

Crucial evidence concerning the Al Durah incident just doesn’t “add up”. For instance, reflect upon the following:

1) If trained Israeli marksmen were focusing constant blistering fire on Mohammed and Jamal Al Durah (huddled together forming a large stationary target) at a distance of only 80 meters, how could they have taken 45 minutes to kill Mohammed and failed to mortally wound Jamal?

2) How is it that despite the alleged 45 minutes of high velocity fire at the Al Durahs the final frames of Abu Rahma’s film and pictures taken the following day evidence only 8 bullet holes (of unknown origin and all evidencing fire from a different direction than the Israeli position) in the wall behind the Al Durahs?

3) How could Talal claim that he counted 40 bullets in the wall alone – when the photographic evidence clearly conflicts with his account?

4) If Jamal received 12 high velocity rounds and Mohammed suffered wounds that allegedly shredded major blood vessels, “exploded his stomach” and left a gaping exit wound in his back, why is that the the footage shot by Talal Abu Rahma evidences no blood on Jamal, nor a single drop of blood spatter on either the barrel or the wall behind the pair?

The complete interviews will appear in the Press Resources section of this website.